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Tonight Matthew, I will be…

September 29, 2009


Levelling my Warlock!

Now, I could tell you how I’ve become hooked on physical DPS classes, of course, mostly Hunter. However, when I first started playing, I loved the idea of a magical damage class. I was told to roll a Warlock because it was a caster and the pets made it easier to level. Started levelling her early enough to be forced to make her an Undead (because it was the most normal looking horde race), and to grab the title ‘Scout’. Going to average it at about 4 or 5 months before Burning Crusade was released. My second class was Shadow Priest and I did try to level a Mage, though that didn’t last very long until I levelled my Paladin and finally, my hunter.

Recently, with the quietness in WoW, probably due to Aion, I’ve been thinking about levelling an alt. I think it’s time I levelled Hadlo, she’s been sat at 70 for way over a year and I’d like to see how the class plays these days. Well.. that and I want to be purple Illidan!

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