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Getting Stuff Done

September 30, 2009

slideyAfter spending several days sorting out this blog, I’m not very technically minded so it took me a little longer than it could have, I finally forced myself to log in and get a group for Direbrew. Past few days I’ve been slacking on my dailies because I’ve had the “you haven’t done Direbrew” looming over my head, so I spent all of my time on The Lazy Sniper instead. A few friends were around so we went. No mounts or even a remote dropped, but a relief to get it done finally.

So getting the one thing that was bothering me done, I tootled off to ZG. Whilst on the zeppelin a warrior whispered me saying I have a nice name, which was admittedly random but also nice to get compliments from strangers occasionally. Did the usual Raptor boss, raptor trash (every single bit of it, still need the Razzashi and Gundrak raptor pets), Tiger boss and Snake boss. Again no mounts but with drops and vendor items alone I earnt 100g for some easy soloable content, not including the 50 rugged leather I picked up from the raptor trash I killed, which I should be able to sell for about 20g a stack. Okay, Tiger boss is tedious with me only being able to interrupt every 2 minutes , Arcane Torrent, and draining 4% of 20k mana every 10 seconds or something does take a while, but if the tiger mount drops, it will be worth it.attackplans

This left me with 2 hours until the dailies reset and God knows how long until the servers went down. Plenty of time to do the Tournament dailies, get my last Champion of Hordecity (Sen’jin), and get NomNom a little bit of experience. I’m looking for rares even more when I’m levelling a pet, gives them a heck of a lot of experience killing one. Anyway, almost finished, killing a few Valkyr at Hrothgar’s Landing for the stolen tallstrider legs, and I get the attack plans to the right drop. I haven’t seen these or heard of them before, but it’s 13g to hand it in, so no more avoiding Valkyr while you’re saving Tuskarr.

The battle for Wintergrasp started when I tried to do my fishing daily (terrorfish) so I joined the battle, killed a gnome with my trusty sporebat Slidey, and somehow we won. Well a free 2 WG marks for me I guess. The only person online in guild at this point asked me if I wanted to DPS Vault 10, well, I wasn’t saved and it reset in a few hours time so of course I went, if anything I grabbed a couple of Emblems of Triumph towards my shoulders. Nothing interesting dropped but it’s always nice to get things done.

My plan now is to do my Brewfest dailies on my priest for the next couple of days (she needs Brewmaster and Merrymaker for the drake.. might as well, it’s a free 310% mount that I get for running past a few barrels and pretending to be a gnome for a bit in AV), do her Tournament dailies to get Fae any pets she doesn’t have yet, do Fae’s fishing, cooking, Tournament dailies, and ZG if that’s reset. Also need to finish off Zul’drak, Howling Fjord and a few quests in Outland which is going to be a little bit of money. Let’s see if I can actually stick to it.

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