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My Most Recent Fail

September 30, 2009

Blog Azeroth each week gives bloggers a shared topic, this gives bloggers a chance to pick up on a topic and give it their own unique spin. It’s a nice way to establish a blogging community and so I thought I’d join in with this week’s shared topic on the subject of fail.

My most recent fail, that was my fault not anybody else’s, was whilst I was soloing ZG. I’ve picked up the stamina trinkets from Coren Direbrew, the Brewfest boss in BRD, purely because nobody else wanted them and they’re great for soloing. Usually, I use the dark brewmaiden for a little extra DPS. This is quite nice on the raptor boss, snake boss, Attumen… Well, I cleared the first few, always leave the tiger for last, purely because of the route I’m used to in the instance, and I headed over. Skipped past the cubs and axe throwers as usual, dismounted, checked Turdul was going to behave herself, my mana bar was full, all the usual. Pulled. Fine. Got the first 3 down after a while, though fairly easily, tiger boss popped up, and I popped my DPS macro. This uses Bestial Wrath, Rapid Fire, and my trinkets. I thought this was fine until half of the room of axe throwers ran over, and Feign Death was on CD. In fact… I managed to Feign Death, but you remember that lovely knockback the tiger boss does? I died quite horribly and learnt to make a separate DPS macro for soloing and just put my trinkets on my bars instead.

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